Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mary Burke brings in big guns to unseat Scott Walker

Mary Burke brings in big guns to unseat Scott Walker

Mary Burke has never run for statewide office, but her deep pockets have allowed her to bring in a veteran team of handlers who have worked on some of the biggest political races in the country.
 "So Let`s bring it home Girl!"

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 "And Let`s talk John Doe people"
In putting together the team so quickly, Burke is signaling her ability to run a lengthy campaign to oust Gov. Scott Walker in 2014. Some of the same people who brought you President Obama's re-election campaign will do the same for Democrat Mary Burke in her run for Wisconsin governor.
She's also making it more difficult for another Democrat to jump into the race, although state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout of Alma has considered waging a grass-roots primary battle.
Jim Margolis, who handled advertising for President Barack Obama's two national campaigns, has signed on as Burke's media strategist.
Diane Feldman, who polled for Tammy Baldwin's successful U.S. Senate campaign in 2012 and Gwen Moore's 2004 race for Congress, will be Burke's pollster.
Pete Giangreco, who was the lead of direct mail for Obama's first Democratic presidential primary campaign as well as Baldwin's 2012 campaign, will run Burke's direct mail operation.
According to a Marquette University Law School poll of 800 registered voters had Walker with 47% and Burke with 45%. Seventy percent of those polled said they did not know enough about Burke to have either a favorable or unfavorable view of her.
Over at the right-wing Journal/Sentinel news ala Fox the panic and rhetoric by Republicans is as crazy and fear mongering as ever:
Joe Fadness, state Republican Party executive director, said, "This is the latest example showing how far Democratic Party bosses will go to silence the grass-roots and prevent a primary. Insiders and consultants picked Mary Burke in a back room to run a campaign to take Wisconsin backward. These are the same people who told Mary Burke to run a no-promises campaign and not be upfront with Wisconsin voters."
Universal opinions as I understand is that Scott Walker is a target in a criminal investigation pursuant to a John Doe probe that has been ongoing for several years. In my own personal political knowledge data bank I have to agree with myself that this issue has to be addressed during Mary Burke`s campaign. But then, I am not schooled far enough on these political issues and my opinions might differ from the strong and competent arsenal of Burke`s campaign strategists. However, I will repeat what has so many times been said about "us" coming out to vote on elections days, whether local or national I have to agree that what Margolis and others with the Obama team were credited with running an effective media campaign. They used analytics and data to reach voters in ways beyond television ads.
While this advise is sound, I still think Democrats in Wisconsin must come out in waves, to dethrone this "divide and conquer" Republican mentality. I will post my sources so you can read and make up your own minds as to whether Mary Burke will kick Scott Walker`s ass
come 2014.

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