Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Herring declares victory in Virginia attorney general race

Herring declares victory in Virginia attorney general race

Daily Kos staff


Virginia Attorney General-elect Mark Herring with former President Bill Clinton.

The provisional ballots have been counted and Democrat Mark Herring is in the lead in the race for Virginia's attorney general. Herring declared victory, saying "Over the course of the past week, a thorough and extensive process has ensured that every vote has been tallied and accounted for. The margin was close, but it is clear that Virginians have chosen me to serve as the next Attorney General." He is not exaggerating when he says the margin was close:
As of 11:30 p.m., the unofficial State Board of Elections tally had Herring up by 106 votes. Herring released his statement after the tally of provisional votes in Fairfax County added a net gain of 57 votes for the Democrat, which would give him a lead of 163 votes out of 2.2 million cast.
Republican candidate Mark Obenshain will likely ask for a recount, which would begin after the results are certified on November 25. For voters everywhere, this is another reminder (see Franken, Sen. Al) that your vote really could matter. 7:52 AM PT:
If Herring survives recount, it'll be 1st time since 1969 that Dems will hold all 5 statewide offices (Sens+Gov+LG+AG)! via @notlarrysabato


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