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Bill O’Reilly Might Have Just Made the Dumbest Statement About Liberals I’ve Ever Seen Him Make

Bill O’Reilly Might Have Just Made the Dumbest Statement About Liberals I’ve Ever Seen Him Make

November 15, 2013 By

BillOReillyLogicAs a liberal, it goes without saying I rarely agree with anything Bill O’Reilly says.  In fact, I think he’s a giant blowhard who doesn’t even believe half the crap he says.  While he champions his show to be “spin free,” anyone with half a brain knows that line is complete garbage.
An obviously biased host, hosting a show geared toward conservatives on a news network that’s blatantly conservative—that’s the definition of “spin.”  But then again this is the network with the slogan “Fair and Balanced,” while being neither.
Over the years I’ve seen O’Reilly make plenty of asinine comments, but one of his most recent might just take the cake.
See, O’Reilly is claiming that liberals can’t say “Obamacare” has flaws or is bad, because if we did — we’d have to admit “liberalism” is a failure.
He said:
“To admit that it is not good for the county would be to admit that big government is not good therefore liberalism is not good.”
Let’s just point out the obvious.  If “Obamacare” is the be all end all of “liberalism,” then what the hell do the Bush Tax Cuts say about Republican economic ideology and trickle-down economics?
Remember, these tax cuts were sold to the American people on the promise that they would balance the budget within ten years and bring us great economic prosperity.  Instead we ended up massively growing our deficits, doubling our national debt and our economy faced the worst recession in nearly a century.

If the glitches “Obamacare” has experienced “prove” liberalism is a failure, then the Bush Tax Cuts undoubtedly prove that trickle-down economics (and therefore the entire Republican economic ideology) is an epic disaster.
Oh, and let’s also not forget that “Obamacare” is actually a Republican idea.  That’s right.  What liberals really want is a single-payer system.  The reason why “Obamacare” is built how it is stems from the conservative opposition to real socialized health care.  In the 90′s when Clinton tried to get real universal health care passed, Republicans proposed an individual mandate to purchase insurance as opposed to a single-payer full-blown universal health care system.
Then, in 2006, a Republican governor by the name of Mitt Romney actually passed “Romneycare,” of which the Affordable Care Act is nearly a clone.
Basically what I’m saying is, Bill O’Reilly is completely full of crap.
Most people are well aware that the Affordable Care Act isn’t flawless.  Hell, President Obama has admitted it isn’t.  But it’s a starting place to push forward.  As problems arise, we find ways to fix those issues.
That’s just called common sense.  If we used Republican “logic” toward another issue — the iPhone, for instance — Apple should have just scrapped the iPhone 4 the moment “Antennagate” was discovered.  Because trust me, when that issue arose, it was a huge deal.  Instead Apple fixed the issue, and the phone went on to be one of the most popular phones ever sold.
Besides, “Obamacare” isn’t “government-controlled” health care.  Medicare would be government-controlled health care.  You know, a program that’s very popular with seniors.

“Obamacare” is simply a law that states insurance companies must provide certain types of coverages and Americans must purchase some kind of health insurance plan.  The “flaws” really lie with insurance companies and their handling of the law.  It’s their greed that’s caused premiums to be artificially inflated.  It’s their greed that’s caused them to drop many Americans from their current plans.
Greed, as in a for-profit health care system, is what’s wrong with “Obamacare.”
If liberals got what we really wanted, the issues with “Obamacare” wouldn’t exist.  The problem is, President Obama based his health care law around a Republican plan.  And the truth is, that was his real mistake with the Affordable Care Act.
Something you won’t see fools like Bill O’Reilly ever admit to.

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