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Nine Crazy Tea Party Incidents: Special Texas Edition

Nine Crazy Tea Party Incidents: Special Texas Edition

By Maeby Gever on November 15, 2013

Veteran’s Day week has seen a flurry of over the top Teabully happenings down in the Lone Star State of Texas. If you are a Teabully fan who loves guns and Gods but not the Gays, Texas just might be the place for you.  So here we go with our special edition of crazy Teabully stuff, Texas style.
1) covered the incident in Texas when a group of armed men descended upon a Dallas restaurant to use the threat of their weapons to quell the First Amendment rights of four women in the group “Moms Demand Action,” who were meeting over lunch. Texans can “open carry” their legally registered long guns. The Texas Legislature has determined that these include semi automatic rifles, the same kind of weapon used by Adam Lanza to kill little children in Newtown, CT, last year, and also used by the Aurora, CO, movie theater maniac, James Holmes. These are the kind of weapons that the “good guys with the guns” are free to take with them wherever they go in Texas.
And if you do travel to Texas, you can take comfort in the great work being performed by, there to extend the freedom of gun lovers who believe that the Second Amendment trumps all others. This group is working hard to help gun enthusiasts repress the First Amendment rights of moms to assemble in a public restaurant, while making sure that lunatics everywhere can obtain guns legally then use those guns to shoot school children and moviegoers in the face. can even direct you to Texas restaurants allowing customers to come on in with their guns.  They even have a warm an fuzzy Facebook page.
2) Now we all know how much many Texans love their guns and how many Texans also don’t care much for President Obama. Threats against the President rose 400% beginning the day this particular President was inaugurated in 2009. The Daily Kos has reported that President Obama is the most threatened President ever.
We will soon be commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy that took place in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. It was announced in early November that President Obama would travel to Dallas to promote the ACA. Perhaps, in memory of the Kennedy assassination, the Facebook page of Gun Rights Across America Texas, had comments posted on it giving the exact address for the appearance by President Obama and suggesting that the President would get the Same Texas welcome as JFK.”

3) Republican Gregg Abbott is the current Texas Attorney General and he is running for Governor to replace the ever entertaining, Rick “Oops” Perry. Democratic Texas State Senator, Wendy Davis, is running against General Abbott.
You just never know what you might find on the Abbott for Governor Facebook Page. General Abbott must be a Teabully because he obviously loves that “Don’t Tread On Me” flag which has been incorporated into his campaign bumper sticker available to anyone for a mere $20.14 donation.
General Abbott has had issues with his followers on Facebook and Twitter. Some of his followers have posted death threats against Senator Wendy Davis .  And it is reported that General Abbott thanked a supporter on Tweeter who had referred to Senator Davis as “Retard Barbie.”
But that seems to be typical of the kind of behavior coming from many in the Teabully base of followers who use threats of violence, name calling, and intimidation as substitutes for more civilized methods of persuasion.
4) has been front and center bringing the public the latest in crazy that comes from the mind of Evangelical Pastor Rafael Cruz, the father of Teabully favorite, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. Never at a loss for words, Pastor Cruz misstates his credentials as a mathematician conflating that with a Scientist making him able to conclude that there is no scientific evidence for the theory of evolution.  Pastor Cruz rewrites his own history of having fought on the side of Fidel Castro and the Communists as a younger man in Cuba, allowing him to hypocritically and wrongfully attack the President as a Communist or Socialist, as if those term are interchangeable.
Perhaps Pastor Cruz needs the refresher course on “Ism’s” that is available as a free download here on
5) A list of crazy Texas Tea Party stuff could easily be limited to Rafael Cruz.  So let’s just go through just a sampling of some more of the good Pastor’s recent off the reservation pronouncements:
Did you know that it is made clear to all through the Bible in Genesis that God is pro death penalty? So saith the Cruz.

Rafael Cruz also says that Black people are uninformed and deceived. Way to convince African Americans to come join the Republican Party dude.
6) This Rafael Cruz pronouncement deserves to be out on it’s own. Earlier this month Pastor Cruz addressed a gun rights advocacy group in neighboring Oklahoma where he explained how Atheism:
“Leads us to sexual immorality, leads us to sexual abuse, leads us to perversion.”
I wonder how Pastor Cruz feels about some very well known self described devout Christians such the Reverend Ted Haggard, the Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, Republican Senator David Vitter from Louisiana, and former Republican Senator Larry Craig of Idaho?  What is that saying about throwing stones when you live in a glass house?
7) Speaking of sex and Texas, here is something from the Canyon Independent School District in Canyon, Texas.
Starting in middle school, and with the permission of parents, teachers will be giving students sex education instruction that will include telling the children that virginity means ”not having participated in any sexual activity of any kind,” and comparing remaining a virgin to a new toothbrush or stick of gum, which should stay Wrapped up and unused.

Of course Texas schools also teach abstinence only and Texas has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancies. When it comes to repressing the sexual desires of their kids, to paraphrase Charlie Sheen, Texas is winning!
8) Justice Antonin Scalia, probably the most Conservative and Teabully like Justice on the current Conservative dominated Supreme Court of the United States, says that if he weren’t a Virginian, he’d probably be a Texan.”
And Republican Governor Rick “Oops” Perry told an adoring audience that Justice Scalia would “fit right in.”
Now Justice Scalia has rarely been known to take a position that didn’t rile up Liberals and Progressives while at the same time bringing a smile as big as Texas to a Teabully face.  But perhaps Justice Scalia is tipping his hand that he might soon be leaving the bench and retiring in Texas where he can join a posse or speak openly at a Koch brothers conference, without having to worry about pesky rules of ethical judicial conduct?  Let’s all agree to chip in for his bus ticket out of town.
9) President George W. Bush has mystified many by his attendance at a Messianic Jewish Bible Institute fundraiser in Irving, Texas. Now I am not bashing anyone’s religion and I firmly believe that people have the right to practice or not practice any religion they like, so long as they follow the Constitution and keep it out of Government and public law.  But this move by President Bush gets him the final shout out on this special,Texas style list, of Teabully crazy.
Just because the word “Jewish” is in the name, that does not mean that the organization  is Jewish. This particular “Jews For Jesus” group, is not promoted by any real Jews.  These “Jews for Jesus” groups are actually in the business of promoting the end of Judaism, the coming of the Rapture, and the end of earthly existence as we know it.  Dedicated to saving the Jewish people by converting them or letting them suffer eternal damnation once Jesus returns to take the true believers to an etherial plane of existence, these faith based groups proliferate in Texas.
The Messianic Jewish Bible Institute has a vision statement on the website which is to:
Bring Jewish people into a personal relationship of faith with Yeshua the Messiah, knowing their acceptance will eventually mean life from the dead.”
The Jews For Jesus website says that:
Direct Jewish Evangelism is our priority.
These groups are in the business of convincing Jews that the Messiah, in the form of Jesus Christ, has already come. And that is contrary to the Jewish belief that the Messiah has not yet come. Further, when the Messiah does come, there will not be the end of days, just eternal peace on earth.
The problem with President Bush’s appearance at this fundraiser is that this group is in the business of fostering public support against making peace with Iran while encouraging an attack by Israel, with or without the United States, which might then bring on the end of the world war.  The problem is also that many in the American Jewish community, which for years had been duped into believing that President George Bush was a friend of the Jewish People, just might support the end of the Jewish People and the world as we know it.
President George W. Bush is no longer in office and he is no longer in a position to do further harm to the United Sates or to the world.  But the questions remain, did President Bush and the advisors around him believe in the end of days when in office, and were their actions in taking us to war in Iraq on false pretenses in part based on the desire accelerate the coming of the end of days?

The founding fathers were smart for insisting that there be a separation of Church and State. We, the voting public, need to be as smart as those people were so long ago and make sure that we keep theology out of our Government and in the private sector where it belongs.

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