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GOP Rep. Planning to Attend Rally for ‘Second American Revolution’ to Overthrow ‘Evil’ Obama

GOP Rep. Planning to Attend Rally for ‘Second American Revolution’ to Overthrow ‘Evil’ Obama

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November 12, 2013   

Mark your calendars for November 19, because that is when sanity goes into retrograde and there will be a total eclipse of reality  — at least in Washington, D.C., the North Star of crazy.

Judicial Watch founder  Larry Klayman has announced that there will be a rally on that date, with the objective of removing President Obama from office in a non-violent coup d’état.  He does not disappoint with the details either, citing impeachment as a failure and that the president is “evil” and is “destroying this country.”

Klayman reported to World Net Daily that his guest list includes Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ).  According to Molly Redden of Mother Jones, the congressman’s office denies he will be attending.  Whether he was originally on the actual invitation roster is not known, but Klayman has not retracted his claim as of this writing.

The recent Values Voters Summit looks like a convention of the Socialist Party when you look at some of the Tea Party All-Stars lining up for this event:  Pam Gellar, Alan Keyes,  Joseph Farah, Bob Barr, Zeeda Andrews, and Larry Pratt, among many others.  Still, without A-listers like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, you can’t fault Klayman for wanting to boost the Tea Party cred of the gathering by including a genuine Congressman.  You know, one of those elected officials that are sworn to uphold the Constitution and not advocate insurrection.

Not content to dismiss the Constitution when it doesn’t suit his agenda, Klayman soils the writings of Thomas Jefferson by re-booting the Declaration of Independence.  His list of grievances is a fun house mirror of Jefferson’s own against King George III.  He calls for the U.S. to join Israel on a preemptive strike against Iran, the abolition of the I.R.S. (with its requisite call for a flat tax), and not to be consigned to a dusty file in Orly Taitz’s office, a demand that the president “must provide a physical, original copy of his birth certificate to We the People and submit himself to the scrutiny of qualified forensic experts.”  It is not mentioned if Donald Trump’s hair has volunteered for the exam.

As expected, Obamacare is high on the list, and predictably derided as unconstitutional because judicial review is outranked by delusions of nullification grandeur.  Oh, and because they do not like the law.  After obligatory nods to the second amendment and the Muslim Brotherhood, the finale engages in plagiarizing that might make Rand Paul blush.  It is a curious mash-up of language from both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution:

    “We the People mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor to save our beloved nation and preserve the freedoms bequeathed to us by the Founding Fathers.”

The omission of Obama Derangement Syndrome from the DSM-V was a serious oversight.  Larry Klayman makes that truth seem more self-evident each day, with few endowed as his equal.

Listen to Klayman talk about overthrowing “evil” President Obama below:

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